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Congratulations to the following who represented FEKO at the WUKF World Championship in Dundee June 2018

Helen Hibberd: Veterans 36 - 45 years Shobu Sanbon - Silver medal

Jake Moore: Kata - Gold medal

Shelly Collinson: Veterans  Shobu Sanbon 51 TO 60 years - Silver medal

Stewart Tompkins: Veterans Shobu Sanbon 41 TO 45 years - Bronze Medal

Helen Hibberd, Shelly Collinson, Vanessa Stokes: Veterans Team Rotation 36 years and over - Gold medal

Vanessa Stokes: Veterans 41 - 45 years Shobu Sanbon - Gold medal


Once again our squad and referees supported FEKO at the European Championships with dignity, respect, integrity and the professional we all know that anyone from FEKO possesses.

Many congratulations to the following:


Every single person within FEKO will join in congratulating Dr Josh Johnson, our Vice President, on being awarded an MBE in the New Year's Honours list.

This is a well deserved honour for Josh, a great honour for FEKO and justifies our pride we have in our Executive and our associations.

The report can be read at


Congratulations - Dr Josh Johnson MBE

FEKO’s Chief Referee Azad Kumar, who is also a WUKF World Chief Referee, is one of the most respected Referees on the circuit.  This was evidenced recently when he was invited to take part in the WUKF Asia Intercontinental Karate Championship in Kolkata, India accompanying the WUKF President, General Secretary, Director of Events, Counsellor and the Public Relations Officer.  Not only this but he was chosen to lead the Referee’s seminar attended by Referees from several Countries.

 This was a particularly special event with one aim being to develop WUKF in Asia and provide a platform for future expansion.  

 Azad Kumar said “It was privilege and an honour for me to be part of this event and I came back with increased knowledge and many new friends” once again demonstrating not only his humility but his great professionalism in his approach to karate and refereeing in general

Recognition for Azad