Federation of English Karate Organisations International A Governing Body for all UK Martial Artists

“Where freedom of choice matters”

Our aim is to offer our members all the assistance they require without interference within their group.

We recognise & register Dan grades. We offer FEKO registered Dan grade certificates. We offer courses & recognised qualifications in Coaching, & Refereeing. We have National Squad training & championships. Our Referees and Squad members take part in National and International Championships including the European and World Championships .  FEKO International contributes specific funding where appropriate.

FEKO International is the parent group, all Karate members are registered to FEKO International which is open  to all styles of karate. Karate members resident in England, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are also registered with FEKO.   All the major styles are currently represented. Group sizes range from 100 to several thousand members. With 80 Associations in membership representing traditional and sport karate there are many courses and competitions open to our members.

Karate members resident in England, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are also registered with FEKO.

DBS  Disclosure

We offer DBS for disclosure service (formally CRB).

Applications are made online and personal documents never leave your possession

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Child & Adult Safety

We have a Safeguarding of Children and Adults at risk Policy which all Instructors and helpers are required to adhere to. This is actioned  by requesting a copy of the Policy which then forwarded to you.

You then sign to say you will adhere to the policy and registration to the CVAP will be entered on the data base. A certificate will be issued with a registration number.

Contact the Chair Noel Mantock, noel@feko.co.uk for further details

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Full Insurance Cover

Full insurance cover is provided for Public Liability £10.000.000 and for Martial Arts accidents of £50.00 per week for all individuals plus Dojo Public Liability cover of  £10.000.000

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National Squad

Our National Squad trains regularly and competes in National and International events.  Selection is open to all FEKO members.

We have competed successfully at World and European events. To find out a little more visit our squad page.


These courses enable our Instructors to obtain recognised Instructor and Assessor Qualification.  Add link to I C page and on that page add the same info plus FEKO International registered qualified Instructor must be at least 18 years of age and a minimum grade of 1st Dan.  Assessors must be a minimum grade of 4th Dan.


National Refereeing

National Refereeing and Judging courses are held at regular intervals and National Qualification courses are held twice a year at our National Championships.

Courses and qualifications are also available at Association level plus Table Official qualifications are available. Click for more information.

Many of our Referees hold World qualifications and their presence at World and European events is always in demand.

First Aid Courses

We offer HSE approved and certificated first aid courses in the South, Midland and North.  Local courses can also be arranged by contacting Jim Reece on jim@feko.co.uk

Jim Reece

Hon Secretary

Hon Treasurer

0113 2660516


National Coach

Oliver Thornton

07969 590862


Azad Kumar

Chief Referee


07808 290260

Association Chief Instructors or their delegated representative form the Council of the Federation. Two Council meetings are held each year, one of which is the AGM when a Management Committee (Executive) is elected.The Council set the policy of the Federation and the Management Committee sees to its daily running.  

Management Committee :   

Noel Mantock



07976 697117

Dr Josh Johnson MBE

Vice Chair


07946 223124