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DBS Procedure

You are still able to complete the application form on line (a form can be sent if unable to do so). Documents will be verified at a Post Office so they will never leave your possession. Contact Noel Mantock 07976 697117 or e-mail noel@steadyfitness.freeserve.co.uk. Details required – full name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and Association name.

Noel will then e-mail you the web address and a special FEKO reference number to access the DBS form on line.

This service is only open to FEKO registered members. Please note that all FEKO Instructors must be DBS checked and registered under the FEKO’s Child and Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy.

Changes to the CRB proceduresThis will now be known as the DBS Disclosure and Barring Service

•Application form orders received from 12 November 2012 will be supplied with DBS application forms.

•DBS certificates will be issued for all completed checks from 1 December 2012.

DBS Update Service (this affects the Standard and Enhanced Disclosures service only)

A new service is to be introduced by the DBS (formally Criminal Records Bureau) in the spring 2013. The precise date hasn’t been announced yet.

The Update Service - coming soon!

This spring 2013, sees launch a brand new product; the Update Service. This will dramatically change the way you carry out criminal record checks, making it much easier and quicker for you to recruit or recheck your Instructors and volunteers. When you take on new Instructors, if they have registered with the new Update Service, all you need to do is ask to see their DBS certificate and carry out a free, online check to see if it is still valid and up-to-date.

Applicants will apply for a DBS check (in the normal way). They can, at the same time, apply to register online for the Update Service. If they do they will be able to take their DBS certificate with them, from job-to-job (in the same sector), and may never need to apply for another one, ever again.

You also benefit, as you will be able to check the DBS certificate online and get instant results.

Some things will not change

Changes to terminology

Current Terms



•Standard CRB check

•Enhanced CRB check

•Enhanced CRB check with Barred List check

•ISA Adult First

•Vulnerable adults

New Terms

Changes to the Certificate

Language change with DBS terms such as, DBS Children’s Barred List information and DBS Adults’ Barred List information.


Changes in the Disclosure & Barring Service (ex CRB) now mean that copy certificates will no longer be issued. Therefore the FEKO International Chair can no longer check the ones issued via the FEKO International online service. This also means that the FEKO International Chair will not be able to inform your group if action needs to be taken.

The following procedure will now be adopted.

  1. It will be the responsibility of member groups to ask to see the original certificate and make an informed decision on suitability.
  2. It is also the responsibility of the member groups to ensure that all who should have a DBS enhanced disclosure have one and it is updated at regular intervals (maximum 3 years)
  3. The member group will need to appoint a suitable person to take on this responsibility. All information contained in the certificate is strictly confidential and only those who need to know should have access to this information. There are strict penalties should this be abused.
  4. The FEKO International Chair must be informed should any person be barred from a member group because they are found to be unsuitable.
  5. The FEKO International Chair must be informed if you have any suspicions of abuse by a member and the action you have taken.
  6. For our records you must send the FEKO International Chair, at regular intervals, the person’s name, DBS number and date of issue of the disclosure.
  7. Original disclosure certificates will need to seen by the FEKO International Chair for FEKO International Instructor/Coach or Assessor qualifications.

An update service by the DBS is now available at extra cost per year.  

Members or volunteer helpers will need an enhanced disclosure if they have regular contact with children at least once a week and are left at any time unsupervised with children.  

Obtaining a disclosure can still be made through our special code number on line.